I assistant edited these videos, produced by Resonance Interactive for Cenpatico, a behavioral health services company based in Arizona. The videos show aspects of the company’s community partnership program.

This photo was taken while I was out looking for the New York skyline for Nobody Takes Vegas’ album cover art.

This is a teaser for an upcoming film I’m working on called The Perfect Man, written and directed by my friend Shannon Brown. I did the color grading and the motion graphics for this teaser. Shannon’s screenplay was nominated for best screenplay at the 2011 Fusion Film Festival, and as a [...]

The music video I worked on for Ambassadors’ song “Unconsolable” was released on Friday, October 5th. I worked on this project over the course of two weeks with Brian Magarian, my friend and fellow visual effects artist. The video was directed by Gabriel Stanley and stars Zosia Mamet from HBO’s Girls. [...]

Photos taken at Coney Island, New York on September 17th while location scouting with my friend Shannon Brown for her first Sight & Sound short film.

A selection of photos taken on a trip to Boston in August with my family to look at colleges for my sister Michelle. Photos were taken around Boston and at Tufts University, Brandeis University, Northeastern University, and Boston University.


New Blog!

This is the first post on my new blog! I’ll be posting photography and updates on various projects I am involved in.