Production of “The Perfect Man” begins this week! After a successful IndieGoGo campaign (the campaign video, for which I worked on the visual effects and animation, is above), we organized all of the aspects of production and are ready to shoot. On set, I’ll be working as DIT, set photographer/videographer, [...]

This is my final project for NYU’s Sight and Sound: Studio television production class. The final assignment was to produce and direct a four to eight minute long television production. For my project, I adapted the first three scenes from the South Park episode, “Guitar Queer-O”, in which Stan and [...]

The trailer was released for “Wake”, an NYU Intermediate Narrative short film directed by Christina Yoon, which I provided visual effects for. I used a variety of blurring and focus techniques to make the dream sequences in the film as surreal as possible. The film is fantastic. I wish Christina [...]

Today I started working as an intern at Resonance Interactive, the company I’ve worked with since last summer. In addition to the assistant editing work which I’ve been doing and will continue to do, I’ll be doing various other post production work, and working on internal creative (as opposed to [...]

Over the course of the semester I worked on a variety of short films directed by my friends for their Sight and Sound: Filmmaking class. In this first film, “Test 75″ by Max Batchelder, I played the part of a scientist’s assistant, investigating a mysterious laugh with supernatural powers.

I assistant edited this video, entitled “Dear Brad”, for YouSendIt, a file sharing company. In this video, Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of YouSendIt, tries to open up to the “cyberspaces” as he attempts to get new, fresh ideas for his company. This video was produced by Resonance Interactive.

I assistant edited this video, entitled “The Renaissance of Enterprise Computing”, for Andreessen Horowitz, a venture capital firm headquartered in California. In this video, Andreessen Horowitz partners and CIOs share insights into the future of Enterprise computing and the future role of the CIO. This video was produced by Resonance [...]

Photos taken in New York and in Delaware during the New York City blackout caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Another four videos I assistant edited for Cenpatico, a behavioral health services company based in Arizona. These videos focus on Cenpatico’s school network, which offers specialized education for students requiring behavioral health services. These videos, like the last two, were produced by Resonance Interactive. In addition to assistant editing, I [...]